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Join our eNewsletter List to receive information regarding events, happenings, animals in need, fund-raising projects, news and information about the Hillside SPCA and more. NOTE: Occasionally, our eNewsletter includes photos or material regarding special needs animals or neglect/abuse cases. Due to the nature of our work, and in particular the fact abuse or neglect is not pretty, this information may be graphic and therefore, objectionable to young or sensitive viewers. Thank you for your understanding.

Providing us with the requested sign-up information helps us send you eNewsletters about events, news and happenings pertinent to your interests and location. NOTE: We do not SPAM: Your information is used internally by Hillside SPCA to send you eNewsletters we feel are of interest to our supporters. We do not share this information we collect with third parties. Occasionally, an eNewsletter may contain links to, or about, a third party involved in promoting a fund-raising project for the Hillside SPCA, but the eNewsletter is generated internally, not by the third party.

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